Escape Stories Make a Difference

I share Leah Remini's convictions--as she expressed on A&E's Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath--about not being able to let Scientology’s harmful practices damage people’s lives and do nothing about it. I also agree with her that every story matters, no matter when it happened. Every true story is another significant thread to be woven in... Continue Reading →

Publication News

March 1, 2017 - To speed up the release process, the first publication of Escaping Scientology: An Insider's True Story - My Journey With the Cult of Greed & Power will be released through an online reader version, before copies come out in paper back and hard back. We estimate that the electronic version will... Continue Reading →

My upcoming book

I made my third and final escape from Scientology’s gated, guarded International Management headquarters near Los Angeles in 1998. The doors to my world of Scientology friends and loved ones promptly slammed shut. I experienced firsthand Scientology’s cruel policy of disconnection when Peter Schless, my husband of 21 years, disconnected from me over my choice... Continue Reading →

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