Publication News

August 28, 2017 – Well, it’s been a long haul since I first started this blog and didn’t let anyone know about it. Meanwhile, we completed two major publication projects:
– We edited Janis Gillham Grady’s book, Commodore’s Messenger: A Child Adrift in the Sea Organization – Book One. She released it in late July 2017!
– I wrote an 800-page version of Escaping Scientology: An Insider’s True Story without paying attention to word count or page count. My associate called and asked if I really wanted to publish a book as long as War and Peace, since the manuscript I sent him for interior layout came to 238,000 words and 800 pages. It took me almost as long to abridge the book as it did to write it. I came up with the idea to post stories from my original book content on my book website, which enabled me to produce a book that was more manageable for readers at 400 pages, with more information available at
– Jeff Hawkins at Skyhawk Studios designed a stunning cover for the hardback, print and e-book formats.
– It’s going through the finishing process now and should be out within two weeks!
– Also went to Los Angeles twice this summer, once in June to join Janis Gillham Grady at her awesome Reconnect event for ex-Sea Org and ex-Scientologists. Again in late July for an opportunity to contribute to A&E’s Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. I’ll be writing about this experience in an upcoming blog post. Looks like the episode I am in will be aired Sept. 19, 2017. Can’t wait to see the final cut.

March 1, 2017 – To speed up the release process, the first publication of Escaping Scientology: An Insider’s True Story – My Journey With the Cult of Greed & Power will be released through an online reader version, before copies come out in paper back and hard back. We estimate that the electronic version will be available within four weeks. I’ll soon post an update on the when & how of ordering details. Thank you for your interest!

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