Escape Stories Make a Difference

I share Leah Remini’s convictions–as she expressed on A&E’s Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath–about not being able to let Scientology’s harmful practices damage people’s lives and do nothing about it. I also agree with her that every story matters, no matter when it happened.

Every true story is another significant thread to be woven in the tapestry of testimonies, hanging in the gallery of the public eye. If my story can help just one person break free of Scientology or any other cult, or help one family get back together after being destroyed by Scientology’s disconnection practices, then the efforts to publish it were worth it.

I hope you share this opinion. You may have your own escape story that you already published or posted on online. I hope you will also share your story here. “Escaping Scientology” will hopefully be visited by ex-Scientologists, as well as many people who have not been a Scientologist but want to know more. The more escape stories that are here will help visitors to learn about the experiences of many people. This will help them decide for themselves about Scientology. People who are trapped in this or any other cult might also stumble upon this site, and our stories may help them to make their own escape.

Email your story to I will message you once it’s posted here.
– Karen [Schless] Pressley

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